AZ Series AC Power-Supply Built-In Controller

Tên thiết bị: AZ Series AC Built-In Controller

Xuất xứ: Japan

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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AZ Series
ABZO Sensor - AC Power-Supply Input Built-in Controller Type

Equipped with ABZO Sensor a newly developed (Absorbing) sensor to the motor, to achieve the motion control that does not use an external sensor and shortening of homing time.With built-in controller type (FLEX) equipped with interfaces that connect to a wide variety of host system.
⌊ Features⌋

-Equipped with ABZO Sensor

If you pre-set home position, you don’t need to prepare an External sensor for Home positioning.

• Cost Down

• High Speed Homing.

• No Battery:

ABZO sensor do not required use of battery and you still can get absolute function 


Various functions, more than your exportation

• Compact DC Power-Supply Input Driver

The compact DC power input driver makes it possible to reduce the space needed for installing control boxes and devices. The driver can be mounted directly to a DIN rail, so no screws are necessary.

Built-In Controller Type

TypeFrame Size
Resolution Setting: 1000 P/R
Maximum  Torque
Electromagnetic brake
TS Geared Type420.012~0.10.65~2.3No | Yes
906~25No | Yes
PS Geared Type420.0072~0.0721~3
603.5~8No | Yes
HPG Geared Type420.04~0.0721.5~2.5No | Yes
9010~24No | Yes
Harmonic Geared Type420.0036~0.00723.5~5
607~10No | Yes
FC Geared Type400.012~0.050.7~3No | Yes
Standard Type420.360.3No | Yes
902~4No | Yes