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Mã hàng: FBL575CW-100
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Motor, Control Circuit, Gearhead, External Speed Potentiometer (with signal line), Mounting Bracket for Control Circuit (with screws), Mounting Screws, Parallel Key, Operating Manual
Safety Standards
Series Product Name Component Name Product Leadtime Unit Price(SGD)
FBLII Series FBL575CW-100 FBLM575W-GFB(Motor)
FBLD75CW(Control Circuit) 

●Production Information

Frame Size 90mm
Shaft/Gear Type Combination Type Parallel Shaft Gearhead
Gear Ratio 100
Rated Output Power (Continuous) 75W
Power Supply Input Rated Voltage Single-Phase 200-230VAC
Power Supply Input Permissible Voltage Range ±10%
Power Supply Input Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Supply Input Rated Input Current 1.4A
Power Supply Input Maximum Input Current 2A
Rated Torque (Motor Shaft) 0.25N・m
Starting Torque (Motor Shaft) 0.32N・m
Rated Speed (Motor Shaft) 3000r/min
Speed Control Range 3-30r/min
Permissible Torque 21.5N・m
Permissible Load Inertia J 2500×10^-4kg・m^2
Rotor Inertia J 0.968×10^-4kg・m^2
Speed Regulation (Load) -1% max.: Conditions 0∼rated torque, rated speed, rated voltage, normal temperature
Speed Regulation (Voltage) ±1% max.: Conditions Rated Voltage +10%, rated speed, no load, normal temperature
Speed Regulation (Temperature) ±1% max.: Conditions Operating ambient temp. 0∼+50˚C, no load, rated speed & voltage
Standard UL、CSA、EN
CE Marking affixed
RoHS Directive conforms
Speed Setting Method Select one of the following methods.
・Internal Speed Potentiometer (1 Piece)
・External Speed Potentiometer (20 kΩ 1/4 W)
・DC Voltage Control (0∼5 VDC, 1 mA min)
Acceleration Time / Deceleration Time 0.5∼15 sec : (At 3000 r/min)
Protective Function When the following protective functions are activated, the alarm signal will be output, then the motor will coast to a stop.
・Overload Protective Function, ・Overheat Protective Function, ・Overvoltage protective function, ・undervoltage protective function, ・phase interruption protective function
Max. Extension Distance Motor and Circuit Distance 10.5 m *
Time Rating Continuous
Mass: Motor 3.0kg
Mass: Control Circuit 0.8kg
  • ●The starting torque can be used a maximum duration of approximately five seconds.
  • * When an accessory extension cable is used.


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