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Speed Control Motors

Speed control motors are motors that can have their speed changed. These brushless motors provide both excellent speed stability and a wide speed control range. AC speed control motors can control the speed of the AC motors using simple functions. An inverter can easily control the speed of the three-phase induction motor. There are three product groups.

AC Speed Control Motors

MSS ·W Series
This product is a compact electronic-input speed controller and 6 W to 90 W speed control motor packages. It conforms to safety standards around the world and can be used in many countries.
US Series
The US Series is panel mounted control unit and speed control motor package. Wiring is performed through an easy connection method utilizing connectors. This series is optimal for easy speed control applications.
● The instantaneous stop function is not available.
An ergonomic speed controller for the AC Speed Control Motors.
The MSC-1 Speed Controller is a high quality, compact product coupled with ease of use and improved performance.
Speed Controllers ES01/ES02
These speed controllers focuse on functions required for speed control and provides ultimate ease of use during operation and wiring. The World K Series speed control motors of 6 W to 60 W are available for use with these controllers.


Inverters FE100/FE200
These inverters enable speed control to be set easily and have a built-in digital display. The inverter parameters have been set exclusively for Oriental Motor's three-phase motors, enabling the motor performance to be maximized by simply setting the output power.
Speed Control Motor and Inverter Packages 200W Type BHF Series
The BHF Series consists of a high-power output 200 W AC motor and inverter packages. Each motor comes as a combination type with a gearhead preassembled.
The dedicated inverter has been selected to match the motor specification, so superior speed control can be performed easily. The electromagnetic brake
type is also available to provide a perfect unit for vertical operation.

Brushless Motors

BX Series
The BX Series brushless motor and driver packages offer high performance and high function. The full lineup covers a wide output range from 30 W up to a
high power of 400 W. When used with a control module, the BX Series provides torque limiting, position control and other extended functions, in addition to the highperformance speed control function offered by the standard model.
BLE Series
The BLE Series sets a new standard for brushless motors by contributing to equipment energy savings and making equipment more compact. A speed control range of 100 to 4000 r/min as well as a speed ratio of 1:40 are achieved. By using the control module (sold separately), further improvement with performance and functions is possible.
AXU Series
This series features the combination of a brushless motor with a panel-installation type control unit. Speed control can be performed with easy wiring and easy operation. With pinion shaft types, combination with gearheads for AC motors is possible. This series is very affordable even for brushless motors.
FBLII Series
This series provides all of the basic functions necessary for speed control. The FBLII Series features compact, high power brushless motor and high-performance, box type driver packages and provides all the basic functions required for speed control. Output powers of 75 W and 120 W are provided. The combination type comes with the motor and its dedicated gearhead pre-assembled, which simplifies installing in equipment.
BLH Series
This series combines an optimum slim body, high power brushless motor with a 24 VDC board type driver to meet your space saving needs with equipment. The speed control range is 100 to 3000 r/min. Choose from a wide variety of outputs of 15 W to 100 W for your specific application.


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